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clearblueh2o's Journal

Pretension and Arrogance
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This is a snark/review community for the syndicated comic "Clear Blue Water," by Karen Montague-Reyes; a strip which deals with racism, sexism, homophobia, autism, child rearing, politics, and other hot button topics in a tedious yet condescending manner. Like many amateur comics and other works of Fiction, this comic strip is based a little too closely on the creator's personal life. The main characters of the strip have the same nationalities, political views, number of children, etc as the creator and her family. Like most peoples' personal lives, it's also incredibly dull. "Clear Blue Water" is one of the few syndicated strips done by a woman or person of color, let alone a woman of color. There are many very talented women who do comic strips; there are many incredibly talented non-caucasians doing comic strips. Why is Montague-Reyes' drivel syndicated and run in so many newspapers? Hopefully, this community will help unearth the reason why through a careful, yet snarky, examination.

Also, all the children look and act like freakish side show midgets. That just wigs me out.

All images are used for purpose of satire and review, in accordance with copyright law of the United States of America.